Make PDFs Interactive
with video & chat

Easily send large PDFs in private links, record personalized video messages, live engagement when viewed.

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One-click PDF engagement

  • 1

    Name link, upload PDF, record video message

  • 2

    Email one-click access link to your prospect

  • 3

    Receive notifications on app & desktop

  • 4

    Live interaction, messaging & video calls

Record & Upload

Personalized videos & document

Record your messages

Create a personal recording, build rapport & emphasize benefits.

Record screens

Record multiple screens with your face still showing, highlight key points.

Attach materials

Add contracts and materials to be viewed alongside your video message.

Any device

Create on Desktop, Chrome extension and the mobile apps.

Email & Share

Paste Channel link or send from platform

One-click Access

Your documents and videos can be viewed anywhere, no login required.


Instant notifications for views, messages and calls.

Real-time engagement

Send chat messages or start video calls when your channel is accessed.

Update instantly

Add new documents and video whilst your channel is being viewed.

Video Calls & Screen Share

Share multiple device screens during calls

Impromptu calls

Start video calls with screen share when your Channels are viewed.

Scheduled meetings

Add relevant documents to your meeting links.

Double screen share

Easily toggle from your laptop screen and your smartphone screen during calls.

Update anytime

Update meeting documents during and after calls.

Engage instantly & Win

Video engagement for your sales cycle

Email outreach interaction

Build rapport faster with personal video and increase response.

Real time feedback

Respond instantly and reduce scheduled meetings.

One dynamic link

A secure interactive link for the full conversation.

Update instantly

Add new video & documents any time to keep the deal going.

Integrations to streamline your sales cycle

Create Channels Directly From your CRM

With you whilst

File Channels is available on iOS and Android so you can receive notifications and updates on your channels wherever you are.

You can also setup new channels, record videos, message and video call directly from your smartphone.